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Georgia (საქართველო, Sakartwelo) is a country where rationalism of the West creates a unique mosaic with Eastern mysticism. Modern, glass skyscrapers are adjacent to medieval temples. Everyone hears the echo of this place differently; Once closer, another time further away. Although different saints look after us, we are very much alike. Time moves slower here. We have traveled 1,100 km outside the "all inclusive" borders, away from major hotels and major tourist routes. We have discovered a country full of contrasts. On a street of Tibilisi, while buying a traditional Georgian hat, we heard a story of Polish ancestry told through tears. Around the corner, outside the parliament a peaceful demonstration against the Russian occupation was taking place. A few streets away we came across a flea market, full of VHS cassettes, analog cameras, handicrafts spread out on blankets, directly on the street. Around another corner, intricately carved wooden balconies and clothes lines decorating the courtyards of the capital drew attention. All the experiences leave one gasping for air. Drama, grotesque, emotions. A Georgian proverb says that you will get to know a person best by taking him on a journey. Accompanied by three of my closest friends and with a backpack on my back, I landed at the airport in Kutaisi.