Womanly - Iza Garbarz Bellove


Hevre, ul. Beera Meiselsa 18
MON - FRI: 10:00 - 2:00 | SAT-SUN: 10:00-4:00

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I sketch female reality with the camera. I write a picture with words, I paint words with a picture. I'm trying if they match, just like you wear a sweater for the first time, which later becomes your favorite. I note thoughts that they would stay with me forever, like a tattoo. In large albums with hard covers, I create recipes for happiness. I season them with a dried leaf and forget-me-not. I like myself more with age. I teach this acceptance to other women. I show them how to love every wrinkle on the body map. I wrap energy to make them feel special every day. Femininity is a state of soul. It's a glow that attracts. Despite the gray hair, mole on the shoulder or additional fold. This is a gesture of hair improvement. It's a perfume that smells different on each one. You have it right under your skin.