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Nadia Pojitonova - Nowa rzeczywistośćphoto

Nadia Pojitonova - Nowa rzeczywistość


Pojnarówka art&coffee bar, aleja Adama Mickiewicza 21B, 31-121 Kraków
DAILY: 7:30-16:00

My name is Nadia Pojitonova (Gata.Rosa.Photo). I'm a photographer who takes photos of women only. I've been looking for a way to express my love of eyes for a long time, but the present helped me out. Once I went out and saw the new world around, the world of the eyes and the masks. It turned out we can read and distinguish people simply by eyes. They became the main identifier of us and our beauty. In the "New reality" project, I want to show that even wearing the masks on the face we stay beautiful women. Eyes are a reflection of us in us, and this is perfect. Photo exhibition 16.06.2020 - 12.07.2020

Mariusz Spłuszka - Nieobecnośćphoto

Mariusz Spłuszka - Nieobecność


Cafe Bar Dym, ul. św Tomasza 13, Kraków
SUN-THU: 10:00-2:00, FRI-SAT: 10:00-5:00

Passing time and difficulties connected with it allow us to ponder about ourselves, our lives, our dreams, and whether we live life to the fullest. Can we appreciate what we have achieved, what we have experienced? What makes us feel grateful for what we have? There are thoughts and contemplations that will stay with us for life ...